Idols SA online Season 17 auditions, Idol 7 Entry Forms & Requirement Deadline


Idols SA online Season 17 auditions & Idol 7 Entry Forms



The more things change, the more they stay the same.

THIS is the case with Idols, which refuses to be punctured by the pandemic. As always, the winner hasn’t had time to butter their bread and the new season wants hopefuls already.

The good news for lazybones this year: there are no in-the-flesh auditions so you can literally roll out of bed and audition.

But we advise you to try a bit harder if you wanna get noticed.

Auditions are open to South African residents between the ages of 16 and 30. You need to be between these ages on the day of your audition.

15,000 auditionees will be seen and heard by the initial judging panel.

This is the deadline requirement: applications close on Sunday 14 February or once 15,000 auditions have been received by the production, whichever comes first.

How to audition

You need to perform and video a 30-second clip of yourself singing – only. No talking or introductions.

It must be your voice only so no instruments can be included.

You can upload your video with your application form, which you’ll find here: Idols 17 entry forms


What to expect afterward

You’ll receive an e-mail letting you know if your audition has been successful. If so, you’ll be invited to audition for the Idols judges.

You’ll find more details in the FAQs here: Idols 17 FAQs



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