Zuba Teasers – December 2020

Zuba Teasers – December 2020 Episodes

Zuba Teasers - December 2020


Tuesday 1 December 2020

Episode 9

Lute and Limbani celebrate the success of their plan and Zuba is shocked when she finds out she has been misled.

Episode 10

Zuba is conflicted about what to do about her situation and Mainza sets out to look for Zuba.

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Episode 11

Mainza continues to search for Zuba and Thando announces the arrival of his fiance.

Episode 12

Kantu plays a video for Thando that implicates Suwi trying to sabotage Phingiwe. Thando gets a call from Wana.

Thursday 3 December 2020

Episode 13

Charlie and Phingiwe create a scene and Thando is almost caught out.

Episode 14

Charlie is caught in the act with another woman. Leya is jealous of Zuba and tries to sabotage her.

Friday 4 December 2020

Episode 15

Thando’s true identity is revealed and Phingiwe causes a scene at the party.

Episode 16

Zuba finds out shocking news about Thando and Thando gets into a fight with Natasha’s boyfriend.

Saturday 5 December 2020

Episode 17

Zuba loses her job and Lute, upon finding out this news, decides to visit the witchdoctor again.

Episode 18

Lute is anxious about Zuba’s return. Joshua and Suwi are plotting to have Phingiwe sign some dubious documents.

Sunday 6 December 2020

Episode 19

Zuba falls into another trap and Lute is in shock as she gets a surprise visit.

Episode 20

Zuba and Thando have a moment in front of Wana and her brother. Meanwhile, Lute’s money goes missing.

Monday 7 December 2020

Episode 21

Joshua’s plan is slowly falling apart. Charlie embarrasses Phingiwe in front of the domestic workers.

Episode 22

Zuba gets recognized for her work, Joshua and Suwi’s plans succeed.

Tuesday 8 December 2020

Episode 23

Wana praises Zuba’s designs. Meanwhile, Charlie’s lover has big news for him.

Episode 24

Zuba gets her heart broken when Charlie brings his lover at home and all hell breaks loose.

Wednesday 9 December 2020

Episode 25

Limbani loses all of Lute’s money and Phingiwe finds out some devastating news about Pamela.

Episode 26

Something is brewing between Zuba and Thando, which makes Leya furious.

Thursday 10 December 2020

Episode 27

Charlie asks his lover to leave and Wana gives Zuba a stern warning.

Episode 28

Pamela is hiding something. Meanwhile in the village, Lute convinces Mainza to cancel Hachi’s trip.

Friday 11 December 2020

Episode 29

Zuba pushes Thando away. Tasha falls for Jito. Meanwhile, Joshua and Suwi plot against Thando.

Episode 30

Zuba and Thando have an argument. Charlie tries to get Pamela to go to the doctor.

Saturday 12 December 2020

Episode 31

Lute cooks up another plan against Zuba. Maliya fails to understand why Phingiwe hasn’t kicked Pamela out yet.

Episode 32

Pamela finally goes to the doctor but fears that her secret will be exposed. Phingiwe helps Zuba with her designs.

Sunday 13 December 2020

Episode 33

Lute plans to go to the city to prevent her plans against Zuba before they backfire. Pamela finds Charlie’s plans.

Episode 34

Zuba almost gets attacked and Thando comes to her rescue.

Monday 14 December 2020

Episode 35

Wana sabotages Zuba in front of everyone. Charlie is worried to learn that his mother in law is coming.

Episode 36

The Sosala household is on a spring cleaning frenzy. Wana is fueled by jealousy over Zuba.

Tuesday 15 December 2020

Episode 37

Senzeni arrives at the Sosala’s and is welcomed by everyone except Tasha. Thando apologies to Jito.

Episode 38

Senzeni asks Phingiwe about Charlie’s lover. Zuba overhears Pamela speaking on the phone.

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Episode 39

Hachi is mistaken for a thief at the Sosala’s. Wana turns Tasha against Zuba.

Episode 40

Charlie blames Phingiwe for Pamela’s pregnancy. Thando and his family finalise Wana’s bride price.

Thursday 17 December 2020

Episode 41

The  chilanga mulilo is in full swing. Wana is furious when she discovers Thando used Zuba’s  designs for their outfits.

Episode 42

Tasha makes a scene when she catches Jito red handed. Joshua takes ownership of the Sosala Fashion House and Suwi finally stands up to Phingiwe.

Friday 18 December 2020

Episode 43

All hell breaks lose when Joshua makes an announcement. None of the Sosala’ s arrived for the Chezela.

Episode 44

Wana goes back home drunk. Zuba is confused by what she feels for Thando.

Saturday 19 December 2020

Episode 45

Wana and Jito skip the country. Thando gets involved in an accident.

Episode 46

Zuba reveals shocking news to Phingiwe about the paternity of Pamela’s child. Hachi tries to convince his mother to tell the truth about Zuba.

Sunday 20 December 2020

Episode 47

Pamela’s secret gets exposed and Phingiwe quits drinking.

Episode 48

Thando’s business plan is slowly coming together. Lute is deeply worried when she finds out Zuba will be coming to the village soon.

Monday 21 December 2020

Episode 49

Tasha and Phingiwe finally start to connect. Lute is determined to stop Zuba from coming to the village.

Episode 50

Joshua and Suwi are caught by surprise when they see Phingiwe. Suwi ambushes Joshua on a date with his ex.

Tuesday 22 December 2020

Episode 51

Phingiwe wins the contract but doesn’t have enough funding. Joshua and Suwi start plotting. Joshua offers to fund his mother.

Episode 52

Zuba and Thando set off for the village. Maliwa is caught trying to take leftovers to the guest wing. Tasha tells Suwi off.

Wednesday 23 December 2020

Episode 53

Zuba’s feelings for Thando are growing. Tasha and Phingiwe enjoy bonding. Maliwa is fired and Suwi promises Leya Maliwa’s job in exchange for information.

Episode 54

Zuba’s father rejects her. Suwi and Joshua find out about Thando’s visit to the village factory. Lute strikes a deal with Limbani.

Thursday 24 December 2020

Episode 55

Thando and Zuba are attacked. Suwi hires a new P.A in efforts of destabilizing Phingiwe. In the village, Zuba gives Lute and Limbani a warning.

Episode 56

Maliwa is still suspicious of Leya. Charlie tells Phingiwe he wants a divorce. In the village, Zuba begs for forgiveness from her father.

Friday 25 December 2020

Episode 57

Tasha arrives in Maluba village. Leya’s cover is blown but she manages to steal the designs for Suwi, Tasha and Hachi are at each other’s necks.

Episode 58

Charlie is having second thoughts about the divorce and Sandra is sent packing by Suwi who tries to sabotage the fashion show.

Saturday 26 December 2020

Episode 59

Suwi gets an unexpected shock when her plans go haywire and Leya spills the beans about Zuba.

Episode 60
Season finale!

Teaser unavailable.

Please note: Season 2 follows on from Season 1 and premieres on Sunday, 27 December at 19h00. Click here for your Season 2 teasers: Zuba 2 Teasers – December 2020.

Zuba airs on Novela Magic from Mondays to Sundays at 19h00 and 19h30 with repeats throughout the day.

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