Zuba 3 Teasers – March 2021

Zuba 3 Teasers – March 2021



We (keportal Team) pleased to inform you about Zuba 3 Teasers – March 2021


Monday 1 March 2021

Episode 9

Luwi calls on the ‘cleaner’s’ services again, Phingiwe meets Zuba at Sosala fashions to express her concerns about the business and Charles and Jaden get into a fight.

Episode 10

Zuba discover Yemba left his money to her in his will, Joshua is charged a high penalty for money borrowed and Phingiwe accuses Zuba of being in love with Yemba.

Tuesday 2 March 2021

Episode 11

Phingiwe receives divorce papers from Charles, Thando confides in Phingiwe about how he feels about Yemba’s death and Zuba is put under pressure at Sosala fashion meeting.

Episode 12

Zuba discovers Yemba left his money to her in his will, Joshua is charged a high penalty for money borrowed and Phingiwe accuses Zuba of being in love with Yemba.

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Episode 13

Phingiwe shares her growing suspicions of Zuba with Thando, Luwi receives a gift from Jaden and Natasha gets jealous of valentines female fans.

Episode 14

Phingiwe forbids Zuba from giving twenty free designs to the international Kariba fashion show. Jemimah discovers that Yemba & Zuba are ‘married.’

Thursday 4 March 2021

Episode 15

Lute & Mainza arrive in Lusaka, Yemba is buried and Jemimah shows up at the funeral and accuses Zuba of being responsible for Yemba’s death.

Episode 16

Zuba confronts Joshua about his issue with her being CEO, Jemimah apologizes to Natasha over the scene she made at Yemba’s funeral and the designers walk out on Thando.

Friday 5 March 2021

Episode 17

Designers walk out on Zuba, a reverend accuses Joshua of embezzling funds from his church, and Njenje stands up to Lute.

Episode 18

Mainza is diagnosed with prostate cancer. Zuba gets into the Sosala family and the Ministry of Tourism’s bad books and Phingiwe is served with divorce papers a second time.

Saturday 6 March 2021

Episode 19

Mainza thanks Zuba for all she has done for him. Phingiwe confides in Thando and Jaden discovers Phingiwe is drinking again.

Episode 20

Janet is heartbroken to find out that Hachi has a girlfriend and Hachi feels guilty for hurting Janet. Tasha wants to know what Rick’s hiding.

Sunday 7 March 2021

Episode 21

The Sosala’s discover Joshua has been hospitalized. The bank informs the family that Sosala fashion is considered high risk and Luwi goes after Justo for beating Joshua.

Episode 22

Zuba promises Natasha funds to invest in her business, Jaden’s obsession with Phingiwe is revealed and Lute catches Chipo with Kachepa.

Monday 8 March 2021

Episode 23

Phingiwe puts pressure on Zuba regarding the IWZ government contract, Wana visits Joshua in hospital and Natasha and Alina clash.

Episode 24

Zuba decides to run Yemba’s company and Thando is disappointed with her decision. Wana makes it clear that she is back for Thando and Zuba is upset.

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Episode 25

Jemimah confronts Zuba about taking Yemba’s money, Wana leads Thando to temptation and Justo tells Mwiza to back off investigating who attacked Joshua.

Episode 26

Thando is guilty after his encounter with Wana, Justo’s efforts to finish Joshua off in hospital are disrupted and Mwiza is kidnapped by Justo.

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Episode 27

Zuba and Thando engage auditors to look into Sosala fashions accounts, Thando suspects Phingiwe is drinking again and Mai Chidoti curses the Sosala men.

Episode 28

Justo blackmails Mwiza to leave town, Zuba discovers Jemimah has put an injunction on Yemba’s company and Senzeni asks a priest to pray for her family.

Thursday 11 March 2021

Episode 29

Justo blackmails Mwiza to leave town, Zuba discovers Jemimah has put an injunction on Yemba’s company and Senzeni asks a priest to pray for her family.

Episode 30

Mainza asks Zuba to help look for Chipo. Wana pays Zuba a visit and Joshua wakes from his coma then has a seizure.

Friday 12 March 2021

Episode 31

Joshua is put in an induced coma. Senzeni and Phingiwe fight over her drinking and Zuba fails to convince Jemimah to lift the injunction.

Episode 32

Senzeni scolds Phingiwe about her drinking,Thando secretly borrows money from Wana to give Zuba and Mai Chidoti visits Justo to ask why he has not found Suwi as promised.

Saturday 13 March 2021

Episode 33

Phingiwe tells Jaden she needs a break, Joshua is taken out of his induced coma and Thando tells Wana he loves Zuba.

Episode 34

Thando and Zuba celebrate the success of IWZ, Luyando visits Joshua in hospital and Mainza tells Hachi Lute’s love of money will kill him before cancer.

Sunday 14 March 2021

Episode 35

Phingiwe has her first therapy session and isn’t ready to sign her divorce papers, Joshua thinks about his past and what kind of person he wants to be in the future.

Episode 36

Phingiwe objects to Zuba and Thando’s decision to have a small wedding, Senzeni urges Phingiwe to sign the divorce papers and get rid of Charles for good.

Monday 15 March 2021

Episode 37

Phingiwe tells the family she and Charles are divorced, Joshua congratulates Thando on his upcoming wedding, and Senzeni tells off Lute for asking for lobola.

Episode 38

Thando tells Wana to leave him alone and she threatens to tell Zuba about their fling. Luwi is questioned by detectives about the whereabouts of Suwi.

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Episode 39

Thando talks to Joshua about relationships. Jemimah sees the doctor about the DNA test, and Thando covers for Zuba when Phingiwe asks where she got the money.

Episode 40

Joshua comes home from hospital, Jaden sabotages Fanwell’s car so that he can get close to Phingiwe, and Senzeni announces she is leaving for Malawi.

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Episode 41

Thando gives Phingiwe the audit report confirming Joshua has embezzled funds. Hachi gets mad with Zuba for not giving him money to buy supplements.

Episode 42

Phingiwe takes Zuba and Thando to task over their decision to delay the release of the audit report.

Thursday 18 March 2021

Episode 43

Thando blames Phingiwe for Zuba’s stress, Lute consults Mai Chidoti for medicine for Mainza’s cancer treatment side effects.

Episode 44

Joshua finds out that something is going on between Wana and Thando. Luwi’s attempts to get Simon to deal with Justo are spoilt.

Friday 19 March 2021

Episode 45

Phingiwe announces Zuba’s suspension to the board. Thando hires an investigator to find his birth mother.

Episode 46

Phingiwe hears Senzeni has been arrested in Malawi, later she is pleased to hear Senzeni has been released but is left puzzled after learning Jaden is behind the release.

Saturday 20 March 2021

Episode 47

Luwi gives Phingiwe the post-nuptial agreement for her approval. Thando is disappointed that Zuba is spending so much working at Yemba’s company.

Episode 48

Wana gives Thando an ultimatum to repay her money when he rejects her. Joshua tells Thando about a deal he’s working on that will benefit the family.

Sunday 21 March 2021

Episode 49

Phingiwe discovers Jaden will be handling Thando lobola arrangements. Natasha pays for Valentine’s song to be played on radio.

Episode 50

Zuba apologises to Thando for pitching for a tender on behalf of Golden Moments Bridal. Justo arrives home to find a surprise.

Monday 22 March 2021

Episode 51

Suwi tells Luwi to stay away from Joshua. Zuba’s family demand k50 000 lobola, and the wedding is called off when the families fail to agree on an amount for lobola.

Episode 52

Phingiwe refuses to pay the high lobola so Thando accuses her of loving him less. Mai Chidoti is ecstatic when Suwi shows up in Maluba village.

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Episode 53

Zuba is shocked when Chipo turns up at SFH. Justo’s beats up Simon’s henchmen when they try to corner him.

Episode 54

Jemimah delivers a court summons to Zuba. Suwi is very alarmed but hides her feelings when Justo shares his plans for them to settle together on a remote farm.

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Episode 55

Thando gets another loan from Wana. Zuba informs Jemimah that she has decided to give up her right to Yemba’s estate.

Episode 56

Mainza is furious when he learns that Zuba’s uncle charged forty thousand kwacha lobola.

Thursday 25 March 2021

Episode 57

Natasha hints to Valentine that she has feelings for him.

Episode 58

Mai Chidoti tries to convince Suwi to answer the call of the ancestors to start practicing African medicine.

Friday 26 March 2021

Episode 59

Zuba reveals to Thando that in a way she is looking forward to working as head of design.

Episode 60

Phingiwe is pleased to learn that Jaden has arranged for Senzeni to attend the wedding. Natasha confronts Valentine about him stabbing her in the back.

Saturday 27 March 2021

Episode 61

Thando fails to get Yemba’s death certificate from Jemimah. Zuba is overjoyed when Mwiza shows up at Sosala fashions. Natasha gets suspicious when she sees Thando with Wana.

Episode 62

Wana turns up at the kitchen party. Thando is picked up for questioning in relation to Yemba’s death, and Joshua unveils Zuba at the kitchen party when Thando doesn’t show.

Sunday 28 March 2021

Episode 63

Zuba is furious with Thando for missing the kitchen party – he doesn’t tell or give her the reason but confides in Phingiwe.

Episode 64

Zuba bows to peer pressure and drinks alcohol at her hen party. Shaka flirts with Phingiwe and Joshua sets Thando up with Wana at the bachelor party.

Monday 29 March 2021

Episode 65

Wana almost sabotages the wedding when she takes the wedding rings. Lute brings uninvited guests from the village to the wedding.

Episode 66

Thando and Zuba finally get married. Natasha kicks Wana out of the reception, Joshua sees Justo and wonders why is vaguely familiar, and Suwi and Luwi get into a fight.

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Episode 67

Thando feels guilty about cheating on Zuba. Luwi vows to seek revenge on Suwi after their fight the Moono’s go back to the village and Phingiwe invites Jaden into her bed.

Episode 68

Teaser unavailable.

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Episode 69

Phingiwe is surprised to le

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