Twist of Fate 5 Teasers – February 2021

Twist of Fate 5 Teasers – February 2021


Tuesday 10 February 2021
Episode 1

Season 5 premiere!

Prachi is all grown up and has a scholarship to study out of the province.

Wednesday 11 February 2021
Episode 2

Pragya is pleased that her daughter is going to college but also afraid of what this move could mean for her life and her daughters.

Thursday 12 February 2021
Episode 3

Abhi is still head over heels in love with Pragya but makes sure no one sees it or talks about her in his presence.

Friday 13 February 2021
Episode 4

Rhea, Prachi’s twin, goes to the same college as the one Prachi goes to.

Saturday 14 February 2021
Episode 5

Rhea makes a wish on her birthday, not knowing it’s the same day as her worst enemy Prachi.

Sunday 15 February 2021
Episode 6

Rhea plants her necklace in Prachi’s dress to make it look like they stole it.

Monday 16 February 2021
Episode 7

The news about Rhea’s necklace makes it to the news. The whole school and Pragya see.

Tuesday 17 February 2021
Episode 8

Ranbir is the only one in the whole school who actually gives Prachi postive attention, but Prachi is not having it.

Wednesday 18 February 2021
Episode 9

Prachi stands up to Rhea.

Thursday 19 February 2021
Episode 10

Pragya is run over by a car and is in hospital.

Friday 20 February 2021
Episode 11

Rhea confesses that the hit was meant to be her not Pragya.

Saturday 21 February 2021
Episode 12

Instead of allowing the police to take action, Pragya protects Rhea and Rhea becomes fond of her.

Sunday 22 February 2021
Episode 13

Rhea confides in Pragya and wishes she was her mother.

Monday 23 February 2021
Episode 14

Pragya keeps thinking about her daughter and Abhi.

Tuesday 24 February 2021
Episode 15

It’s Vikram and Pallami’s wedding anniversary.

Wednesday 25 February 2021
Episode 16

Prachi is explaining things to Abhi about her mother and Abhi starts thinking about Pragya.

Thursday 26 February 2021
Episode 17

Finally, Abhi and Pragya are in the same place with their daughter that Abhi had all these years – but will they meet and find out?

Friday 27 February 2021
Episode 18

Aaliya is angry that Pragya is back in town.

Saturday 28 February 2021
Episode 19

Pragya gives her daughter tough love and tells her to fight for herself at college.

Premiere episodes of Twist of Fate 5 premiere on Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 21h00.

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