Series Review -The Boys Episode 6


Series Review – The Boys Episode 6

Series Review -The Boys Episode 6


Episode 6 of The Boys was full of reveals, reversals, and some cool set-ups.

The past two episodes have been good and Episode 6 builds on what has come before whilst setting us up for more intrigue.

So let’s dig in…

On the character front, we got to know Frenchie a little better by finding out the backstory of what happened the fateful night that Mallory’s grandkids were killed by Lamplighter. These events preceded Season 1 and have only been referenced in conversation.


We found out Frenchie’s real name is Serge and that he went to save a druggie friend. When Lamplighter was turning Mallory’s kids into char, he was playing Vincent Vega, trying to save his friend from an overdose.

In great The Boys fashion, that friend eventually died of an overdose and Frenchie has been living with the guilt of feeling responsible for the kids’ murder and eventual fall-out with his friends.

One person who seems to have a better time with human interaction in this episode was Butcher who got to bond with Starlight over their common love for Hughie.

In the beginning of the season it appeared as if Butcher was on a one way track to join the dark side but Butcher and Starlight’s conversation proves MM was right, Hughie is his canary.

The episode had two major reveals: the first was the action packed one at the mental institution whereby we find out that Vought is busy experimenting on adults with Compound V.

This reveal gave us one of the funniest scenes this entire season with a character named Love Sausage.

Love Sausage is basically well endowed. And his thing can stretch and almost chokes Mother’s Milk to death – and that was not craziest thing to happen in the episode.

We had a a grown up Eleven lookalike who can also implode heads, bodies and canisters.


We got the reveal that Lamplighter is a bad guy but not a bad person per se. Lamplighter was teased in last week’s episode and he is played by Shawn Ashmore of X-Men fame (he was Iceman in the movies).¬† We get to see how the death of Mallory’s grandkids have affected him

Which is quite progressive ’cause no one is ever just truly all bad. We get to see that Lamplighter, just like Kimiko and Frenchie, is also struggling with what he has done. Bad guys can also feel guilt.

Ironically, the show sees him ending in a coalition with The Boys, which is something The Boys tried to blackmail him into doing eight years ago.

Stormfront and Homelander’s coalition of the baddies keep giving us weird sex scenes – this time in the street over a headless body of a criminal. I wonder if we will get weird sex scenes in each episode.

Finally Stormfront comes clean about who she is and surprise-surprise, she is Vought’s wife and yes, a Nazi.

The confession kinda mirrored Stilwell’s confession last season and she left some stuff out so I’m wondering if Stormfront is also not telling Homelander everything.

Yes, she confessed about being the first Supe, a Nazi, having a daughter and her intent of world domination.


I still can’t believe a racist like her would just work for a black CEO, unless there is more to Stan Edgar than meets the eye….yes, Homelander looks like a white supremacist’s wet dream: he’s blond, blue eyed and all powerful but is Stormfront willing to play second fiddle to Homelander?


She thus far has shown that she’s a manipulator of note and I won’t be shocked if she’s playing Homelander and might even be Homelander’s mom… yes, I think she is that diabolical. But I think Homelander would like that.

What did it feel like:¬†Like Usher’s Confessions song with blown heads, massive penises and shaven heads, who are not necessarily Nazis.

*trash ** ja nee ***it tries shame ****almost perfect *****Instant Classic



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