Queen of the South 2 Teasers – May 2021

Queen of the South 2 Teasers – May 2021


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Saturday 1 May 2021

Teresa analyses the drawing of Sofia. Oleg receives a call from the hacker, who tells him that Francesco is clean, but Oleg has doubts.

Sunday 2 May 2021

The Aljarafe sisters tell Teresa what happened with Juanito. Beba is surprised to find that Marietta knows about her relationship with Epifanio.

Monday 3 May 2021

Francesco tries to surprise Teresa with a romantic dinner. Meanwhile, Paloma confesses to Rocío that she is pregnant.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Teresa arrives home to find Rocío and Paloma discussing Paloma’s pregnancy. Teresa offers her advice and support.

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Sofia flees from Lupo and wanders through the streets of Mexico City, lost and scared. Meanwhile, Paloma asks her grandmother for forgiveness.

Thursday 6 May 2021

The Rabbit receives a note from Teresa detailing an escape plan. At the same time, two women arrive in a car.

Friday 7 May 2021

Teresa arrives in Mexico and decides to visit her godfather. Sofia panics when she sees Lupo and goes to her shelter with Simon.

Saturday 8 May 2021

Lupo arrives at the house where Mercedes is with Sofia, and at that moment, Teresa turns up and tells him everything about Sofia’s escape.

Sunday 9 May 2021

Near the metro, Teresa spots her daughter from afar and tries to reach her. Meanwhile, Beba visits Epifanio and finds that he is with his wife.

Monday 10 May 2021

Lupo goes to the house of seclusion to look for Sofia’s cat, while Teresa arrives at the same location. Lupo manages to go unnoticed.

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Teresa and Oleg go to their appointment with Epifanio, who tells her that Sofia does not want to see her because of her past. Teresa is devastated.

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Beba is enraged after being deceived by Epifanio, her future husband. Later, Carmen goes to the confessional and discovers Father Anselmo dead.

Thursday 13 May 2021

Teresa and her team leave the house to begin their trip to Culiacán. Virginia confronts her daughter for being away from home for so long.

Friday 14 May 2021

An important meeting takes place to organize the plan against Villa. Teresa falls into Zurdo’s trap. Lupo takes Sofia to a house on an island.

Saturday 15 May 2021

Teresa, Rocío and Conejo arrive at Zurdo Villa’s ranch for the party. Teresa has a hidden camera on her necklace.

Sunday 16 May 2021

Zurdo becomes aware that Teresa has a hidden camera on her. Meanwhile, Cayetana gives testimony against Teresa at the public prosecutor’s office.

Monday 17 May 2021

When Zurdo tries to kiss Teresa, she responds by furiously slapping him. Pernas eavesdrops as Paloma shares Teresa’s location with Charo.

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Teresa’s team manages to steal drugs from Zurdo Villa’s trucks before the drivers notice. Meanwhile, Alejandro takes Danilo on a helicopter ride.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Teresa tries to convince Zurdo Villa that Pernas stole the goods from him. Meanwhile, Sofia confronts Epifanio.

Thursday 20 May 2021

Teresa’s plan goes perfectly: Zurdo is convinced that Pernas stole the goods. Sofia puts a message in a bottle and throws it into the lake.

Friday 21 May 2021

Teresa threatens Cayetana. Lupo goes looking for Sofia, while Willy continues to investigate the death of Father Anselmo.

Saturday 22 May 2021

Willy asks Teresa to meet with him urgently. He is about to reveal the truth about Father Anselmo’s killer, but Kira intervenes to stop him.

Sunday 23 May 2021

Kira informs Alejandro that the mission was successful, while Ray mourns the loss of his godfather. Sofia thanks Lupo for saving her life.

Monday 24 May 2021

Zurdo Villa flies to Morocco to meet Abdelkader and his partners. Meanwhile, Manuela does Alejandro a personal favour.

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Sánchez Godoy and Rocío travel to Spain to visit Cayetana. Meanwhile, Paloma and Ray go to the doctor for an ultrasound.

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Teresa meets with Lupo at a restaurant. Meanwhile, Sofia starts a fire on the dock, which draws the attention of the police, who arrive at the house.

Thursday 27 May 2021

Teresa and her team are kidnapped by a mysterious man. The man sedates Teresa and takes away her belongings.

Friday 28 May 2021

Jamal, Teresa’s kidnapper, explains to her the reasons for his revenge: the death of his son at the hands of Teresa and Oleg.

Saturday 29 May 2021

Jimena visits Ray at the bar. Lupo tells Sofia that he saw her mother in Italy. Jonathan discovers that Alejandro has been talking to Sheldon.

Sunday 30 May 2021

Sofia listens to a message that Teresa sent Lupo in which she thanks him for saving her. Teresa expresses her guilt to Oleg for betraying Zurdo.

Monday 31 May 2021

Teresa inserts a chip in Zurdo’s phone and prepares to hand him over to the authorities. Meanwhile, Ray begins a relationship with Jimena.

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