King of Hearts Teasers – May 2021

King of Hearts Teasers – May 2021


We (keportal Team) pleased to inform you about King of Hearts Teasers – May 2021


Thursday 1 April 2021
Episode 5

It looks like the challenges at the NGO are bringing Sid and Roshni closer and closer. There is a sudden positive change is DD’s attitude towards Roshni… what could she be up to now?

Friday 2 April 2021
Episode 6

DD’s health seems to be bringing Roshni and Durga closer together. Roshni forgets about her date with Sid and instead goes on holiday with her mother. DD’s intentions behind the holiday are revealed.

Saturday 3 April 2021
Episode 7

Sid follows Roshni to their holiday destination. He realises that Krish is making Roshni uncomfortable and decides to help her out of the situation.

Sunday 4 April 2021
Episode 8

DD continues trying to match make Roshni and Krish. Roshni finds out that she actually loves Sid. She sets out to look for him but it looks like it’s too late. Will she be able to confess her love to him?

Monday 5 April 2021
Episode 9

Sid comes to know Roshni’s reason for not wanting to spend her life with a wealthy partner. Roshni goes to meet Sid’s parents and immediately creates a bond with them.

Tuesday 6 April 2021
Episode 10

Siddharth meets DD for the first time and he is immediately shocked that Roshni’s mother is the lady he has been pestering. DD meets Sid’s parents, her behaviour towards them is very rude and demeaning.

Wednesday 7 April 2021
Episode 11

DD keeps planning and plotting to create a rift between Roshni and Siddharth. Will her plans to separate the couple work?

Thursday 8 April 2021
Episode 12

DD invites Sid’s parents to dinner. She humiliates and belittles them until they can’t take it anymore.  DD blames Sid’s parents for a theft they have not committed. Will DD’s plans work?

Friday 9 April 2021
Episode 13

Siddharth tells his family that his engagement to Roshni has been broken and that their relationship is over. Roshni finds out that her mother has been deceiving her the entire time.

Please note: There are no weekend episodes of King of Hearts from Saturday 10 April because a rebroadcast of Begusarai starts at 17h00 and 18h00.

King of Hearts airs Mondays to Fridays from Monday 12 April.

Monday 12 April 2021
Episode 14

Roshni comes to know the truth behind DD’s conniving plans. She apologises to Sid and swears to never return to her mother’s house. Will this be the end of this mother daughter relationship?

Tuesday 13 April 2021
Episode 15

Sid and Roshni’s happiness is fulfilled as they plan their wedding ceremonies. Will everything go as planned?

Wednesday 14 April 2021
Episode 16

Krish sets a trap for Sid but later finds out that Roshni is the one that falls into it.

Thursday 15 April 2021
Episode 17

It is Sid and Roshni’s wedding day. Krish attacks Sid and tries to impede him from marrying Roshni. DD finds out that her plan to get Krish married to Roshni in disguise did not go as planned.

Friday 16 April 2021
Episode 18

Sid and Roshni go to her home to get Durga’s blessings but all Durga does is spit venom in her daughter’s face. Sid decides to be stubborn and live with DD until she gives him her blessings.

Monday 19 April 2021
Episode 19

DD is irritated by Sid’s presence in the house but cannot do anything. He keeps winning the hearts of the family members. Sid is arrested for attempted murder, who could be behind this?

Tuesday 20 April 2021
Episode 20

DD gives her conditions for helping Sid; Roshni initially disagrees but is later forced to agree due to her inability to bear seeing her husband in pain.

Wednesday 21 April 2021
Episode 21

Sid starts working for DD and she is not making it any easy for him. Roshni tries her best to make her husband happy and fulfill all the desires of his heart.

Thursday 22 April 2021
Episode 22

Teaser unavailable.

Friday 23 April 2021
Episode 23

Sid plans his honeymoon with Roshni and the two are excited. Roshni is finding it difficult to adapt to being a house wife.

Monday 26 April 2021
Episode 24

Sid and Roshni go to their honeymoon only to find that everything he has planned does not go according to plan. Who could be behind these challenges?

Tuesday 27 April 2021
Episode 25

Roshni starts to question Sid’s relatioship with Pratima. Could she be a threat to Roshni and Sid’s relatioship?

Wednesday 28 April 2021
Episode 26

It is Roshni’s first time fasting for Sid’s wellbeing.  She, however, is angry with him as she is convinced that he is cheating. DD executes her plan to expose Sid and Pratima.

Thursday 29 April 2021
Episode 27

The relatioship between Pratima and Siddarth is revealed. DD realizes that things aren’t always as they seem. DD decides to throw Babloo out of the house.

Friday 28 April 2021
Episode 28

DD fails to accept Pratima and makes her life at the office difficult. Will DD ever accept Babloo and Pratima’s relationship?

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