In die Ysterhand se Greep 2 Teasers – May/June 2023 Latest Episodes

In die Ysterhand se Greep 2 Teasers – May/June 2023 Latest Episdoes

We (The Keportal Team) are excited to notify you about In die, Ysterhand se Greep 2 Teasers – May/June 2023 Latest Episodes

Monday 3 April 2023
Episode 110 (157)

Nur’s food is poisoned by Fikret. As a result, Nur struggles to cope. Elmas’s baby is born and Nur hits Mert with her car.

Tuesday 4 April 2023
Episode 111 (158)

Nur waits in vain for Yigit to visit her in jail while Fatih tries to assure her that her innocence can be proven. After three months in hospital, Elmas is impatient to get home.

Wednesday 5 April 2023
Episode 112 (159)

With Nur’s upcoming court case on everybody’s mind, Yigit cannot stay on the sideline any longer and makes a unique offering that will change their lives forever.

Thursday 6 April 2023
Episode 113 (160)

Elmas tries her best to support Nur in her court case, but has to guard her baby in the hospital at the same time. She doesn’t know that dark forces are gathering that will shatter her very existence.

Monday 10 April 2023
Episode 114 (161)

Yigit and Nur’s relationship is finally over. Cahit and Nazan disappear with Elmas’ newborn and Elmas falls to pieces when she discovers Cahit’s betrayal. Yigit and Faith talk things out.

Tuesday 11 April 2023
Episode 115 (162)

Yaren takes Emin to the restaurant where Yagmur works and an argument ensues. Elmas addresses journalists and states that Cahit is a baby snatcher. Yigit avoids Nur.

Wednesday 12 April 2023
Episode 116 (163)

Elmas steals Fatih’s weapon and follows Yigit who meets Cahit at their hiding place. The firearm goes off, and shoots Cahit. Fatih asks Nur to marry him.

Thursday 13 April 2023
Episode 117 (164)

Yigit tries to broker the situation between Elmas and Cahit. Fatih and Nur set a wedding date. Elmas ridicules Emin with Yagmur, and Iclal goads Yigit about Nur. Two sets of lawyers try to keep the peace.

Monday 17 April 2023
Episode 118 (165)
Series finale!

Cahit overhears Nazan’s plans and makes a difficult decision regarding the baby. Yigit comes to terms with Iclal and Firat’s situation. Nur is determined to marry Fatih but there is a twist.

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