Geet Teasers September 2022

Geet Teasers September 2022


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Monday 1 August 2022

Episode 440

Reena troubles Dev and Lucky again. Geet finds a gift on the terrace and wonders if Maan has send it. However, she senses someone’s presence, panics and throws off the gift.

Episode 441

Geet gets a bouquet from Maan. Nevertheless, she is worried about the unknown person. On her way back home, the car breaks down and it gets fixed ‘on its own’ while she goes in search of a workshop.

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Episode 442

Geet is scared with the uncertain things happening with her. She calls up Maan, but can’t get through to him, as he is at the airport. Geet tries to talk about it to Dev and Lucky, but they seem to be lost in their own worlds.

Episode 443

Reena reveals the truth in front of Nandini and Prito. Maan comes back from London to surprise Geet, who is following the unknown person. She gets scared seeing her picture in the unknown person’s house, and calls Maan.

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Episode 444

Reena is taken into police custody. Maan comes to Geet’s rescue, and she tells him about being followed by someone. Maan is furious to know about this. Later, he decides to celebrate Geet’s birthday.

Episode 445

Although Maan assures of Geet’s safety, the entire family is worried about her, and wants to cancel the birthday celebrations. Meanwhile, Geet gets a call from the unknown person, Vikram, who says that he would soon meet her.

Thursday 4 August 2022

Episode 446

Maan arranges tight security for Geet’s birthday party. Meanwhile, Geet gets a call from Vikram, and she gets tense. Maan sees one of his staff tied up, and gets to know that Vikram is responsible for his state.

Episode 447

Maan gets furious on recalling his experience with Vikram. Adi asks Maan to come to office. Maan leaves for work asking Dev and Lucky to take care of Geet. Later, Dev gets a call informing him about Nandini’s accident.

Friday 5 August 2022

Episode 448

Geet is traumatised by Vikram’s presence. Maan talks to Geet over the phone, and rushes back home. Vikram tells Geet that he has been loving her since childhood. Later, Vikram calls up Maan, and threatens him that he will take Geet away.

Episode 449

The commissioner arrives at the Khurana residence, and offers to help Maan catch Vikram by tapping their phones. Later, Maan goes to Vikram’s house, and sees Geet’s pictures.

Monday 8 August 2022

Episode 450

Maan and Vikram engage in a brawl. Vikram hits Maan on his head and the latter goes unconscious. Geet, Dev and Lucky find Maan bleeding and takes him to a doctor. Maan is upset as he could not keep up his promise.

Episode 451

Nandini worries about the safety of Maan and Geet and suggests that Dev take up the responsibilities at the office. Vikram calls Geet and threatens her that he would kill Maan. Later, he calls Maan and tells him that he would kill Dev.

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Episode 452

Vikram ties up Dev, and targets to kill Maan. Dev learns Vikram’s ploy, and saves Maan. Geet overhears Dev and Nandini’s conversation, and it upsets her. Later, she gets a call from Vikram, who says that he would not bother her ever, if she meets him once.

Episode 453

Vikram comes to the Khurana Residence, disguised as an electrician. He sneaks into Geet’s room and leaves a gift for her. However, Maan recognises Vikram. Later Geet calls up Vikram and tells him she will find out the person who left the gift there.

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Episode 454

Vikram calls up Geet and informs her about their meeting place. Geet is worried about how she will go out of the house in front of Maan. Meanwhile, Vikram gets impatient to meet Geet. Geet manages to sneak out of the house and reach the meeting point.

Episode 455

Maan comes with the police and rescues Geet from Vikram. However, Vikram manages to escape. Later, at the Khurana house, Geet receives a CD from Vikram.

Thursday 11 August 2022

Episode 456

Maan is sceptical about Vikram’s death. Seeing Maan and Geet happy, Nandini proposes to send them on a holiday. Meanwhile, a stranger comes to their house in search of a job.

Episode 457

Maan receives a call from office. As Geet leaves for the farm house alone, Vikram follows her. Later, she sees Vikram in a mask and mistakes him for Maan. She gets shocked when Vikram removes his mask. Meanwhile, Maan is kidnapped.

Friday 12 August 2022

Episode 458

Geet tries to release Maan, but Vikram stops her. He shoots at Maan and takes Geet away. The family members get to know of Maan’s critical condition, and he is rushed to the hospital. Maan undergoes surgery, while Geet regains her consciousness.

Episode 459

The Khurana family awaits Maan to regain consciousness. Lucky sees Vikram and informs Nandini that he is not dead. Nandini and Preeto are shocked to see Maan missing. Geet escapes from Vikram’s clutches.

Monday 15 August 2022

Episode 460

Vikram looks for Geet, but she runs away from him. Lucky gets rescued by the police. Meanwhile, an injured Maan hunts for Geet. Vikram finds a trail, and follows it to reach Geet.

Episode 461

The police alongwith Maan search for Geet in the jungle. The police find Vikram’s dead body lying on the road. Maan and Geet finally find each other. Meanwhile, Nandini misses Dev and shares her feelings with Preeto.

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Episode 462

Preeti feels that Lucky is ignoring her. Seeing Geet and Maan together, Preeto tries to get Lucky’s attention. However, Lucky fails to understand it, and keeps himself busy.

Episode 463

Geet is surprised when Maan tells her that office has been shifted to the house. Meanwhile, Lucky tries to impress Preeto. However, he fails to make her happy, as Jugnu spoils his surprises.

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Episode 464

Geet gets irritated with Maan, as he fails to concentrate on his work. Meanwhile, Maan plans a honeymoon trip, and asks Geet to keep it a secret. Preeto asks Lucky to plan something extraordinary to impress her.

Episode 465

Geet and Maan plan their honeymoon, but hide it from Preeto. Later, when Lucky leaves the house, Jugnu and Preeto follow him. Geet and Maan also land in the same hotel, and Geet’s bag gets exchanged.

Thursday 18 August 2022

Episode 466

Preeto follows Lucky hoping that she can catch him red-handed with the other woman. Meanwhile, Lucky decorates the entire room to surprise her. Nandini also lands up in the same hotel and sees Geet. Nandini informs Dev about Maan and Geet’s trip.

Episode 467

Maan decorates the room with candles to prepare for his date, and Geet gets carried away. Lucky and Preeto shift the dead body to Nandini’s room. Nandini screams loudly, and attracts the attention of Geet and Maan.

Friday 19 August 2022

Episode 468

Drunk Jugnu hunts for the killer, while Dev and Nandini shifts the dead body to his room. Later, Nandini catches Preeto and Lucky red-handed. Afterwards, Geet finds the dead body in front of her room, and screams loudly.

Episode 469

It’s Geet and Maan’s anniversary, and he showers rose petals on her, while the entire family waits for the couple to start the celebrations. Everyone wishes Maan and Geet, and asks what gifts they got. Later, Maan asks Geet to find her surprise.

Episode 470
Series finale

Geet gets a cradle as the gift, and to Maan’s surprise, Geet gifts him the same thing and tells him that she is pregnant. The family is extremely happy, and awaits the arrival of the new member in the house. Days pass, and Geet is ready to deliver a baby.

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