Damelin Intake 2022

Damelin intake 2022 | How to check Damelin Intake List.


Damelin Prospectus

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The Damelin school management has released the names of 2022 Successful Applicants. keportal.com will help all the Damelin successfully Admitted Applicants by giving them the guidelines on how to check their names on the Admission List…

How to Check the Damelin Successful Admitted Applicants for 2019/2021 Academic Year

  1. you will log in to the Damelin admission Student Portal via the school Website
  2. Enter your Damelin Voucher Serial Number and pin in the required column,
  3. Finally, click on ‘Submit’ to access your admission status.

Damelin official websites: http://www.dcc.edu.za


Having discussed the Damelin intake, I hope you find this information useful as you pursue admission into this negotiable institution in preparation for the realization of your desire in becoming a Damelin Student.


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Congratulations to all the successful Admitted Applicants who made it to the Damelin.

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