Close to My Heart Teasers – April 2023 Latest Episodes

Close to My Heart Teasers – April 2023 Latest Episodes


Saturday 1 April 2023
Episode 55

After a long gap, Ginni and Gulabo engage in an emotional talk. Ginni discovers later that she can obtain her father’s diary from his partner.

Sunday 2 April 2023
Episode 56

Aditya stands up against Ambar and stops him from assaulting Akash. Later, Aditya comes to Ginni’s aid when she gets into trouble in the kitchen.

Monday 3 April 2023
Episode 57

Amber gets scared when he overhears Ginni’s conversation with Mrs. Randhawa about Khushwant’s business partner. Ginni and Aditya spend some romantic time with each other.

Tuesday 4 April 2023
Episode 58

Ginni learns about what happened the previous night and regrets doubting Aditya. Later, he gifts her a precious necklace.

Wednesday 5 April 2023
Episode 59

A furious Ginni takes an oath to find out the person who stole Khushwant’s cooking diary. Later, she is shocked to see it in Amber’s hand.

Thursday 6 April 2023
Episode 60

Ginni gets agitated as she is unable to locate Khushwant’s diary. As Aditya offers help, he messes up by dropping flour all over himself. Later, Amber follows Ginni.

Friday 7 April 2023
Episode 61

Amber wants to eliminate Mrs Randhawa and informs his goons to shoot her. Later, he and Aditya get into a scuffle when the latter confronts his lies.

Saturday 8 April 2023
Episode 62

Ginni surprises Aditya by celebrating his mother’s birthday with him. Later, Amber’s goons try to shoot Aditya but Ginni jumps in front of him and gets shot herself.

Sunday 9 April 2023
Episode 63

Aditya rushes Ginni to the hospital, but the doctor tells him she is not responding to the treatment. Elsewhere, Amber gets furious at the shooter for targeting Aditya.

Monday 10 April 2023
Episode 64

Aditya suffers an emotional breakdown after seeing Ginni’s deteriorating condition. Later, he vows to take hard atonement for Ginni’s fast recovery.

Tuesday 11 April 2023
Episode 65

Aditya is in a dilemma when Aarman questions him about his fondness for Ginni. Elsewhere, Ginni is shocked to see the change in Aditya’s behaviour towards her.

Wednesday 12 April 2023
Episode 66

A worried Amber devises a devious plan to kill Mrs Randhawa to hide his crime. Shailaja laces Ginni’s soup to harm her.

Thursday 13 April 2023
Episode 67

Aditya gets suspicious of the food Ginni ate before she fell sick. Later, he decides to cook for Ginni and comforts her when she has a disturbing dream.

Friday 14 April 2023
Episode 68

Sam and Gulraj get into a feud about the Dhaba. Ultimately, Gulraj gives in and permits Sam to open a Chinese restaurant. Elsewhere, Aditya looks for the shooter.

Saturday 15 April 2023
Episode 69

Fear strikes Amber when Aditya and Ginni get a crucial lead about the shooter. Later, Aditya prepares Chinese cuisine for Ginni with love.

Sunday 16 April 2023
Episode 70

Ginni is happy to see Aditya’s kind gesture towards her and they both share a romantic moment. Later, Amber gets frightened when Ginni identifies the shooter.

Monday 17 April 2023
Episode 71

Amber emotionally manipulates Aditya and asks him for a second chance. Further, Gulraj asks Santo not to inform Ginni about Sam’s plan for the Dhaba.

Tuesday 18 April 2023
Episode 72

Ginni gets furious after learning about Sam’s plan to open a Chinese restaurant in the place of Khushwant’s Dhaba. She takes a firm stand to save the Dhaba.

Wednesday 19 April 2023
Episode 73

Ginni chastises Goldie for considering closing the Dhaba, a representation of their father’s devotion. Later, Ginni warns Simran for interfering in their situation.

Thursday 20 April 2023
Episode 74

Ginni breaks the banner of Simran and Goldie’s Chinese restaurant. Simran accuses her of ruining their chances of earning a livelihood for the family.

Friday 21 April 2023
Episode 75

Gulabo receives a large order at the Dhaba and seeks Ginni’s help in preparing the food. Ginni was about to proceed when she is given another big challenge.

Saturday 22 April 2023
Episode 76

After Gurleen suddenly returns home, Aditya and Ginni come up with a plan to question her motives. Later, Ginni prepares a special dish for Aditya.

Sunday 23 April 2023
Episode 77

Gurleen gets worried after coming from her in-laws’ place. Ginni misunderstands Aditya’s intention and gets into an argument, accusing him of taking advantage of her.

Monday 24 April 2023
Episode 78

Family members get into a witty quarrel as they notice Aditya and Ginni sleeping together. Later, Aditya admits to Armaan that he has an odd feeling about Amber.

Tuesday 25 April 2023
Episode 79

Ginni and Aditya get a suspicious note. When Ginni faces humiliation at the Gurudwara, Aditya takes a firm stand for her.

Wednesday 26 April 2023
Episode 80

Aditya questions Amber about his mistreatment toward the former as a father. He gets emotional when Amber asks to give him a second chance.

Thursday 27 April 2023
Episode 81

A lovestruck Aditya decides to express his feelings to Ginni, but a minor mishap puts him in a dilemma. Elsewhere, Sam sets the Dhaba ablaze.

Friday 28 April 2023
Episode 82

Ginni feels shattered on seeing the Khushwant’s Dhaba burn due to a massive fire. Later, she has a nervous breakdown when Aditya gets stuck inside the blazing Dhaba.

Saturday 29 April 2023
Episode 83

Ginni refuses to believe that Aditya has died in the fire. Hearing her words, Aditya walks out and faints after confessing his love for her.

Sunday 30 April 2023
Episode 84

Ginni feels upset about Khushwant’s Dhaba burning down. She recalls the happy moments she spent there with him. Aditya understands her pain and consoles her.

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